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Details Matter

We saw this sloppy paint job and broken doorbell in a property we visited in Houston. This careless work and casual neglect are exactly the wrong message to post on the residents front door! To paint this door correctly would have likely taken less than a minute longer and a new doorbell cost about $5 dollars.

We believe that taking care of little details like these is important and can add up to real value. Often we have seen that companies use the their best talent to seek new opportunities, rather than focus on creating systems that will mind the tiny details of current operations, yet an obsessive interest in the details pay real dividends.

Legendary founder and CEO of Texas based Southwest Airlines, the late Herb Kelleher, made a full career out studying Southwest’s operations in the smallest detail to seek to invent better and better ways to run the airline and perfect processes and user experience. He went so far as to use neutral networks to study the best way to handle baggage and himself was known to ride down the baggage chute and have a lot of fun doing it.

As we manage properties in Texas we remember Herb and seek to follow his wonderful example.

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