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Meet Petasense

Yesterday Sophia Collier had the opportunity to visit Petasense, a startup based in the Hacker Dojo co-working site in Mountain View, CA. The company is positioned in the “Industrial Internet of Things” space. Its first product is a low cost, wireless sensor that monitors the health of motors in factories so as to reduce unplanned downtime. The system includes a dashboard, mobile app and cloud based, machine learning element.

Petasense is at a seed stage, but has an interesting technology and market opportunity, a working prototype, preorders and a good road map for progress.

Petasense's system works by monitoring the vibrations emitted from a motor, compressor or pump and uploading this data to the cloud to perform spectral analysis and machine learning. This will allow the factory to forecast when the motor is near failure and take preemptive action, greatly reducing unplanned downtime, one of the greatest problems in factory operation.

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