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500 Startups Batch 12 Demo Day

The 500 Startups accelerator presented 33 companies today at the Batch 12 (Winter 2015) Demo Day at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View to an audience of VCs, angel investors, large tech companies and the press. In the order that they pitched, here are our top 3 companies:

  1. DCHQ - A deployment automation & governance platform for Docker-based application development at large-scale enterprises,

  2. BacklotCars - A subscription-based marketplace for wholesale automotives, and

  3. GridCure - Big data for the electrical utility space.

The rest of the Batch 12 companies are listed below:

  1. AgFunder - The AngelList for investing in agriculture technology companies throughout the value chain,

  2. Alfred - Smartphone reinvented for a safer home,

  3. Avanoo - Next evolution in employee training,

  4. Blueboard - Awesome, experiential rewards for top-performing employees,

  5. CareerDean - A Q&A website for career-related advice and content,

  6. Cheddar Up - The simplest way to collect and track online payments from a group,

  7. Contentools - All-in-one software for content marketing,

  8. Fiberead - We get indie authors published in foreign marketplaces,

  9. FlashRatings - Unlocking investment research,

  10. Gogohire - Hiring marketplace for sales talent,

  11. Growbots - Making A.I. for sales. We created the first tool for automatic lead generation and outreach,

  12. Hellobit - Makes it cheaper and easier to send cash,

  13. Innovaccer - Products for organizations to augment decision-making by integrating internal, external, structured, and unstructured data,

  14. Ivee - The voice activated smart clock,

  15. KidzJet - Platform for children transportation,

  16. Linte - Cloud-based software where companies can generate and process their legal documents at scale,

  17. Lish - Delivers handcrafted meals from award-winning local chefs,

  18. Misterbnb - A trusted community for gay travelers seeking unique and affordable accommodations worldwide,

  19. Ntensify - Enables mobile game and app developers to increase revenue and engagement by selling branded merchandise directly to their fans through a full-service in-app merchandise platform,

  20. Plugger - Provides free and paid smartphone charging information and on-demand battery charging services,

  21. - A B2B sales automation platform that automates the research and qualification phase of prospecting,

  22. Qimple - The quickest and most accurate way to promote job opportunities,

  23. RAUR - Podcasts. Listen, discover, and create like never before,

  24. Roost - The leading p2p marketplace for self-storage,

  25. - The world's fastest freelance marketplace, delivering top-quality design, writing & data-entry tasks in just 4 hours,

  26. Sunshine - Direct device-to-device (P2P) file sharing, remote access and media streaming without cloud storage; no uploads, no downloads - share instantly,

  27. Trance - A social video entertainment platform empowering dancers to record, promote and share their originally-created music videos,

  28. uTrack TV - Livestreaming motorsports events around the world from a whole new perspective,

  29. Vango - A marketplace that connects independent artists and buyers looking for original art, and

  30. Yellowdig - We make collaborative and immersive learning happen. Turn your classroom into a learning community. Learn from any source, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

While 500 Startups Demo Day is an invitation-only private event for investors, the theme of this event was the "Bazillion Dollar Club", a reality show that will air on the SyFy Channel later this year. The show was filming Demo Day and has been following startups from the accelerator programs of 500 Startups and Highway 1, a hardware startup accelerator which is a division of PCH. We look forward to attending the Demo Day of Highway 1 coming up on June 2.

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