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SF Elevator Pitch - July 2015

This month’s SF Elevator Pitch featured 7 startups that presented to a panel of four angel investors: Sophia Collier, David Emerson, Scott Russell and Assim Gupta. The companies that presented were Beautified, HELLO STAGE, iSTYLEMYSELF, My-Microgravity, Pupbox, Songroove and Yougee.

Our favorite company from this pitch event was My-Microgravity headed by Antoine Joly-Battaglini. The condition of microgravity comes about whenever an object is in free fall. The company is building an end-to-end service for experimentation and production under the condition of microgravity. Once an institutional market dominated by NASA and ESA, but now providing access to microgravity is hitting the commercial space. Numerous platforms deliver microgravity of different quality: fall towers, parabolic flights, rockets, ISS … There is a latent demand in many industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and others. MyMicrogravity could be established as the leading solution provider to these industries.

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