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Y Combinator Batch Summer 2015 Demo Day

We just came out of the Y Combinator Demo Day for the Summer 2015 batch and look forward to following up with a number of the presenters. It was the 21st Y Combinator Demo Day with 102 companies spread across two days at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Our top 3 companies from this batch are (in alphabetical order):

The Her app is specifically for women looking to meet and date other women. In addition to personal profiles and a matchmaking feature, Her also has a news feed featuring "lesbian pop culture" stories and an events feed with upcoming exhibits, parties, and festivals. The iOS app is available in the US, the UK and Ireland.

SourceDNA has created a private app review service called Searchlight that helps developers improve their code and address security flaws before they cause problems for users. Searchlight also provides proactive monitoring, continually scanning iOS and Android apps and generating intelligence from an index of millions of binaries to keep developers updated on new potential issues.

Verge Genomics takes an algorithmic approach to map out the hundreds of genes that cause a brain disease such as Alzheimers, ALS, and Parkinsons. Verge Genomics then searches for drugs that target all the relevant genes at once. This system means that Verge Analytics can find the right combination of drugs for a brain disease up to 1000 times faster than current approaches.

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