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Point Reyes Management joined with other Y Combinator investors to support New Story Charity and bui

Y Combinator has been including non-profits in every batch since 2013. They present at Demo Day same as the startups and have the opportunity to benefit from the YC eco-system. From the most recent Summer 2015 batch we supported New Story Charity, which is crowdfunding housing for homeless families in Haiti.

The devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti leveled entire neighborhoods. Five years later people are still living in temporary shacks and tents. Families are exposed to life threatening diseases, blinding heat and dangers like sex trafficking, violence, theft and rape.

New Story is on a mission to build a 100 new homes in Leveque, Haiti this summer in 100 days and was already able to accomplish the funding of the homes in 92 days. A home can be built for $6,000 in 2-3 months with 100% of the donations going toward the construction of the home and while employing local contractors.

We are very happy to be a small part in helping change people’s lives to a better new story.

Meet Marie Carme and family

Marie Carme is a single mother of 6, the youngest being 3 year old Niji.

When the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, Marie Carme was living in the town of Source Matlas. Her home was completely destroyed and the roof caved in, killing her mother. Since then, she has lived with all 6 children in a crowded tarp tent.

NGO’s distributed tents for earthquake victims, but they were only meant to last a few months. Sadly, thousands of family’s like Marie Carme’s have been living in these inhumane conditions for over 5 years. “When it rains, the water comes into the tent and it becomes filled with water and mud – we cannot sleep and we get sick”, Marie Carme shares.

A home is more than just a shelter – it promotes improved health, better performance in school, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities. “I will be filled with joy, I will be so proud to be a house owner and thankful to be taken out of this very terrible situation”, says Marie Carme.

The New Story Charity Co-Founders (left to right): Mike Arrieta, Board Member, Matthew Marshall, Product, Alexandria Lafci, Operations and Brett Hagler, CEO

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