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Wearable FinTech Startup Challenge

RocketSpace and Comerica presented five wearables FinTech startups at the December 3rd Wearable FinTech Startup Challenge. The conestants were: UpDownLeftRight whose mission is to change the way kids interact and pay for video games to encourage a healthy lifestyle without taking the fun out of playing mobile and console games. Amitee who uses receipts to help its users stay within their budget & save money.

Fit Pay is bringing payment capabilities to wearable devices by removing all the heavy-lifting for wearable manufacturers, consumers, credit card issuers, and the card networks to enable payments by delivering an “all-in-one” solution. Bridgecrest Medical's end-to-end solutions bring mobile and wearable health devices and predictive analytics into heavy industry, to prevent accidents, reduce insurance costs and improve productivity.

Ascenden is turning credit cards into the most secure mobile IoT computing platform ones wallet and wearable device.

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