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PitchForce - January 2016

PitchForce is a monthly fundraising event for companies in software, social, mobile, big data, consumer web, finance/payments, clean tech, biotech or medtech sectors. Ten companies are chosen each month to participate, each has a demo table to showcase their company and five are selected to present to a panel of angels and VCs. The events are held at Runway in San Francisco.

This month's panel consisted of: Sophia Collier, Principal at Point Reyes Management and Band of Angels member, Bill Reichert, Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures, Jeremy Banon, Analyst at Javelin Venture Partners, Mike McCormick, Principal at Rubicon Venture Capital and Eric Ferraro, Principal at Fathom Law.

Congratulations to SolRates and KardZee for sharing first place based on the panel vote. SolRates is a secure collaborative platform that brings together solar installers, customers, and banks to provide great solar financing at the best rates. KardZee is a mobile app that is changing the way the world sends real, physical greeting cards, postcards and gift cards in your own handwriting.


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