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Portfolio News: TARA – the On-Demand Team for Your Small Business

TARA is an Artificial Intelligence recruiter, built for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation (TARA), by veteran recruiters and machine learning engineers. TARA has the ability to analyze 100+ data points on each candidate and recruit the most effective engineers for specific positions or coding tasks, by quantifying their skills. TARA communicates in natural language about the specifics of the project and within minutes will send a fixed quote for the project and get started immediately. In 2016, TARA has brought hundreds of developers and designers together to create logos, python crawlers, websites and mobile apps for startups and small businesses.

TARA is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, including Y Combinator. We invested in the Fall of 2015 and we are very pleased with the company’s growth and progress. Chat with Tara about your project at

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