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Angel Capital Expo – Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs at Microsoft in Silicon Valley

Sophia Collier, Principal of Point Reyes Management, and Sonja Markova, Vice President, today attended the Angel Capital Expo at Microsoft in Silicon Valley organized by Keiretsu Forum where 18 startups presented for funding to 500 angel investors.

Winners of the "Most Valued Company" competition by vo

— First Place: Overlake Capital of Bellevue, Washington. This is a boutique investment firm that was pitched by Senior Portfolio Manager Paul Thacker. Its primary focus is real estate.

— Second Place: Kiwi Crate of Mountain View. This is a commerce and content platform that targets creativity in kids. It was pitched by founder and CEO Sandra Oh Lin. It delivers hands-on projects and content for children of all ages through a subscription service, an e-commerce shop and a retail channel.

— Third Place: Voxeet of Sausalito. Founder and CEO Stephane Giraudie presented this mobile conferencing startup that promises to call participants instead of having them dial in or use a password to join a meeting. It also claims to have clear 3DHD audio and one-click transfers between devices.

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