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Point Reyes Management, LLC Announces Launch of ‘Super Angel’ Fund - Ten Early Stage Startup Venture

Point Reyes Management, an active investor in the financial markets, real estate and ventures announces today the launch of its™, a ‘Super Angel’ fund focused on early stage startups.

The™ invests in seed, A and B rounds with investment ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. It considers startups from diverse industries that have a proof of concept and are seeking growth capital, with focus on endeavors that have an element of machine learning. The™ has invested in ten startups at its launch: 20n, Industrial Microbes, Gradberry, Ninja Metrics, Paperspace, Petasense, Push Market, Rescue Forensics, TranscribeMe and Yhat.

“We live in a time of significant opportunity and dramatic change driven by technology, communication and demographics,” said Sophia Collier, Principal of Point Reyes Management. “We are actively looking for opportunities where we can add value with our capital, experience and relationships.”

About Point Reyes Management, LLC

Point Reyes Management is an asset management company established in 2008 to manage the financial and real estate assets of the Collier and Reynolds family. The firm’s investment focus is in the financial markets, multifamily real estate in Houston, Texas and ventures. The™ was established in the fall of 2014 to hold the firm’s investments in early stage startups. If you are an entrepreneur interested in applying for funding, please complete the online application. For more information, contact Sonja Markova, Vice President, at and (415) 887-9888.

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