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Portfolio NEWS: LogDNA - The Easiest Cloud Log Management System You Will Ever Use

LogDNA is the easiest cloud log management system that you will ever use. LogDNA was built around these philosophies:

  • Plenty of Storage - By giving you lots of data volume, you can now capture all your vital logs without worrying about going over your data consumption. Log everything.

  • Logging Sources - Currently support logging from most Linux hosts and Heroku. Coming soon: Docker, Syslog, CloudWatch.

  • Powerful Search & Alerts - Search like a pro and set up alerts with a few clicks. Easily send important events and notifications through email or Slack.

  • UI/UX - A much cleaner experience to interact with your log tails.

The easy beautiful logging in the cloud allows you to aggregate logs and analyze related events, debug and troubleshoot faster, and see how users are using your app. Try the live demo at

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